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One Dish Dinners Cookbook by Jean Anderson


REVIEWS: (for Dinners in a Dish or a Dash, hard-cover edition of One-Dish Dinners)

“Food writer Jean Anderson has the culinary good sense to know exactly when to use ingredients or equipment for best results and the wisdom to create food that tastes delicious . . . These insights and many more can be found in her latest book, Dinners in a Dish or a Dash.”
  Associated Press
“Here’s how much I trust Jean Anderson’s books: I have made her recipes for company without trying them ahead of time . . . However, I wasn’t sure about her latest, Dinners in a Dish or a Dash, when I realized that the quick meals contained prepared ingredients . . . I should have had more faith. Anderson’s way of making “dinners in a dash” is to build them from a combination of high-quality commercially prepared foods. . . This is very much a book about feeding the family. In fact, it would be worth buying just for Anderson’s cooking tips and her passion that inspires us to go back to the kitchen.”
“Armed with Jean Anderson’s new book, Dinners in a Dish or a Dash, and a shopping cart’s worth of ‘quality convenience foods,’ I set out to see if I could make a week’s worth of meals in one weekend. Yes, it’s possible, thanks to Anderson’s timesaving recipes and the great array of ready-to-toss-in foods sold in supermarkets these days.”
  New York Daily News
“A dish in a dash. That’s the recipe craved by time-starved cooks. Fortunately, a new cookbook, Dinners in a Dish or a Dash, by award-winning author Jean Anderson, offers creative solutions for cooks in a crunch.”
  North American Precis Syndicate, Inc.
“. . . a good book for busy professionals and beginning cooks.”
  Denver Post
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