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Quick Loaves Cookbook by Jean Anderson


With many of us cooking on fast-forward but deeply concerned about the growing number of additives in our food, I decided it was time to create some additive-free mixes. And that's just what I've done in my newest cookbook — one mix for cakes and another for breads — that can be prepped in a jiff, stashed in the freezer, then dipped into as needed. I've also developed dozens of loaves that begin with my mixes, that can be made in minutes, and served with pride. In addition, I've come up with a variety of savory meat and meatless loaves that are ready to bake in jig time. My mantra: "Faster cooking, healthier eating."


“When most people think of quick loaves, they think of banana bread, corn bread and the like. Jean Anderson’s new book may change that. Anderson, an author of more than 20 cookbooks, has written Quick Loaves . . . It’s an eye-opening tour of sweet and savory foods that can be cooked into loaves of almost every conceivable shape in loaf pans, square and round cake pans, muffin tins, cast-iron skillets and ring molds.”
  Winston-Salem Journal
Quick Loaves by Jean Anderson will give a busy mother a jump-start on preparing fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals.”
“Anderson came up with some basic mixes that can be used in a variety of recipes . . . mixes that were additive-free . . . Anderson gives readers a lot of short cuts, including prep work that can be done ahead of time and time-savers such as baking goodies in twin loaves to reduce the baking time.”
  News & Observer
“This is really a very good book . . . I recommend it especially to anyone who likes to bake a wide variety of things but who welcomes shortcuts.”
  A Pennsylvania reader


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